Hello. I'm Lorraine Barwick.

A lot of people call me Loz.  You can too!     

I created this space to

help you help yourself with your own health care.

movement is medicine.

If you  

sit for 13 hours a day,

sleep for 8,

and only move for 3, then you have a problem!

It's called a sitting addiction and the risk of health consequences are huge!

You may already be obese or overweight, have diabetes or heart disease. These are all linked to a sedentary lifestyle. There is so much evidence now that we all need to literally get up and do something about it. Or else, an early grave?

StandUp Health also means 

being motivated to be more engaged with your own health care,

because really, no one else will. My husband and I are so passionate about this because that's what got us through the worst of our Lyme Disease and his cancer!

Together we are excited to deliver the very best information/products and start an amazing community of Standup People to help you on your way to amazing health in 2015!


Ps. You can check out more of what this space is all about here

StandupHealth's Lorraine Barwick is proudly affiliated with ESSA and ACRA and is the winner ESSA's 2015 and 2009 Exercise Physiologist of the Year Award.

Join our community Standup People where other Standup People want to support you in improving your health and well-being    

Offerings for 2016

If you're looking to attend a talk, fun quiz, challenge or to be part of a like-minded community - look no further! You've come to the right place. Take your health to a whole new level! Who's with me?  

Bring on TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) STANDUP 2016!!!