Want to spend more time on your feet rather than your bottom?

It’s time to stand up for your health – literally and add more movement throughout your day!

To help you do this, StandUp Health want you taking pictures of being more physically active in your day, whether it be what you see on your walk, standing up while you work, doing some chores at home or simply standing up somewhere interesting or mundane rather than sitting.

For the next 30 days share your photos with us on Instagram by hash-tagging #30DayStandUpChallenge and tagging @lozbarwick so Loz can cheer you on!

Check out what others are doing on the #30DayStandUpChallenge here! 

Jacqui Miyabayashi, 43: “Loz is my very own cross-border superhero! I now walk everyday, sometimes just out to my gate or around my garden, but mostly further afield and I tag @LozBarwick in a photo which I upload to Instagram. I used the hashtag #30daystandupchallenge on each of my posts during the challenge in May so if you are on Instagram take a look! All it took wawing that Loz was rooting for me.  She was genuinely concerned about my health as well as being proud of my daily accomplishments.”

Why not start your 30-Day Stand Up Challenge today?  What do you have to loose?

It starts by sitting less, standing more and moving more each and every hour of your waking day.

Lorraine Barwick, founder of StandUp Health

It will require more energy and some of your own creativity to get up and move more, but by doing do, you might just surprise yourself with what you’re capable of doing in the next 30-days. You never know, it may lead you to consider giving up your chair!

It’s time to Stand up for your health and share it with the rest of the world. So go on, get snapping!

StandUp Health