A soup-er story about a Shire clean eatery

A soup-er story about a Shire clean eatery

A_soup-er_ story_about_a_Shire_clean_eatery

Lettuce Eat

Pumpkin, lentil, Minestrone. Have a guess what I’m talking about?


We’re well and truly into soup season here in Sydney and who doesn’t like a hot bowl of homemade soup to warm their insides?

That’s exactly what I’ve been having lately from Lettuce Eat Health Bar, a relatively new cafe that puts on a different pot of soup each day.

“Providing healthy food options including salads, cold pressed juices, smoothies”, is what they’re about when you visit their Facebook page. And you’ll quickly learn that they also make “guilt-free” raw, vegan and gluten-free treats that will make your mouth salivate enough to want to take a drive over to them at Shop 8, 360 Kingsway, Caringbah, New South Wales, Australia. Lucky for me, this clean eatery haven is only a short 10-minute walk from my work!

It was only a couple of weeks ago during my 30-Day Stand Up Challenge on Instagram, that I started going for walks during my lunch break, one of which I was wooed into Lettuce Eat by their $5 Soup sign. There’s not much you can get for $5 these days – the risk was small – I walked in.

I was greeted by the owner, Adam, who didn’t just serve me soup, he chatted about this passion for healthy food and how it transformed his former life of being grossly overweight and chained to his chair in the corporate world, to dropping 50 kilos by adopting a clean eating lifestyle – his ‘why’ behind the health bar.

Pumpkin soup was in the hot pot that day. My favourite. It was vegan too. The taste was deliciously sweet as pumpkins naturally are, but this one was super creamy. I couldn’t believe there was no diary. An absolute steal for $5! My only problem was the natural progression from just soup, to soup and juice, to, soup, juice and “guilt free” treat upon subsequent visits meant my $5 lunches turned into $17 lunches!

Since meeting Adam, I’ve learned from his wife, Renee, that Adam was actually booked in for gastric bypass surgery before his health change. It was only a week prior to surgery at a doctor’s consult about the nutrition and lifestyle changes he would have to make after, that Adam decided to not go ahead with the surgery, instead, start making those changes right away.  And it started by not eating anymore processed foods.  I was gob smacked just listening to this inspiring piece of the puzzle that made me so intrigued by the cafe in the first place — other the graffiti on the wall!


What I also like about the place is the choice to sit at a large central communal table, or at a bench seat where you can stand and wait for your food while reading a paper or mag.


Eat in or take-away, I like to watch peoples movements as they come and go. I’ve discovered there are others just like me who like to eat healthy and choose to stand rather than sit.  Perhaps this goes hand-in-hand in a health bar for clean eaters, an environment I’d like to see more of here in South Eastern Sydney – something I miss about living on the Sunshine Coast.

Take A Seat Stand

Which brings me on to telling you that my Take A Stand: Win the war against sitting free talks are coming up this July/August on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.  I’ll post something about it on the blog soon, but if you’re on the Sunny Coast then, be sure to book your seat, but trust me, you’ll want to stand once you hear me speak!

Just so you know, I am a big fan of sitting while I eat.  Especially when I’m served a big bowl of hot creamy pumpkin soup!


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