Stand up for your health and 5 easy ways to move it to improve it

Stand up for your health and 5 easy ways to move it to improve it


Pinch and a punch, first of the month! It’s November 1.

Where has the year gone?

Are you still standing up for your health?

This time last year I was hanging out on Warana Beach on the Sunshine Coast, jumping for joy and doing handstands and cartwheels because my health was being restored.

DSC_0619 DSC_0623

But you’ll have to read the one-pager below to find out about the short on the long story!

I’m stoked that my story and advocacy for stand up health made it’s way into this months Profile Magazine, a premier lifestyle magazine for the Sunshine Coast.

I hope Stand Up For Your Health will inspire you to move to improve your health.

Before I leave you to read the article, here’s my top 5 stand up things you can easily do in your day, because when it comes to your health, you need to move to improve it!

5 ways to move it to improve it (your health)

  1. If your day involves sitting, spend the first 10 minutes of each hour being on your feet.
  2. Schedule appointments 15 minutes early and park your car a 10 minute brisk walk away. Enjoy the time to yourself and mentally preparing for what you’re about to walk into.
  3. Condition yourself to do a 10 minute walk right after breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  4. After a coffee or dinner meet, walk your friends to their cars and brisk walk back to yours.
  5. If you have a set of stairs in your house, apartment block or workplace, don’t just use them just to get to the next floor, do 5-10 reps of those stair climbs every hour! i’m not kidding! This is a great leg workout to get your buns bikini ready!

So what are you waiting for? Get up and move!

Ps. Did you catch my last post just a couple of days ago? It’s a fun quiz and a free downloadable sit / stand guide I created to help you spend more time on your feet! If you missed it, check it out here.

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